William Austin

My search begins in Eccleshall in the 18th Century with:-

William Austin.

born abt 1760 in Croxdon, Staffordshire


March 30th 1783 in Eccleshall Trinity Church.

Anne Walters.

born 1754.

died 23rd December 1838.

son David present at death.

Anne's children

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William Austin was born in or about Croxdon in Staffordshire around 1760. He married Anne Walters in Eccleshall Trinity Church on Sunday 30th March 1783.
We can find the IGI records for Joseph Walters Austin and from this we can see he was christened two years before his mother married William.

We have no proof that William Austin was the father of Joseph although he seems to be the father of David .
So if William is not the father this would end my connection with the Austin line as my decsendants are of Joseph and not David ?

The second son was named David and we know this from the hand written notes of Margaret Samway (Austin) who states son David was present at death of Anne.
Margaret seems to have seen the death certificate for Anne, and although this document is not archived, there seems no reason to doubt this as fact considering the time and place of birth of David. (Croxton 1784).

Anne Walters child.

Joseph Walters Austin.was born 1781 in Croxton and Christened 26th March 1781 in Eccleshall Trinity Church. The fact that Joseph was illegitamte probably explains Joseph's double barrel name. Anne would have been aged 27 at the time of this birth, again we have no proof but she may have married a man name Walters and he died. This name does not appear on the christening records, Anne the mother is the only name mentioned, which suggests the child may be illegitimate!
It seems that Anne gave birth to her first son two years before she married William Austin in 1783.

William and Anne's child.

David Austin born 1784 in Croxton.

Margaret researched the tree before computers and seems to have visited churches etc in her quest.
There are also two girls that may be born to William and Anne. These being Anne born 1787 and Jane born 1789 to parents William Austin and Anne. Without any supporting evidence they can only remain as possible candidates for the tree.
Also :
There is mention on the IGI records of the marriage of William Austin to Anne Stevenson 8th Feb 1785 at Keele in Staffordshire and three other children who have a father named William Austin and a mother named Anne these being :- Joseph born 23rd September 1786 at Keele. Hannah born 17th December 1788 and Sara born 12th Jan 1791born in Keele all having parents named William and Anne.
The records for Eccleshall for the births or christenings seem to be missing for this period and until any supporting evidence can be found only David can be considered with confidence.
(very frustrating).

This is the only information available to date.

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