Joseph Walters Austin

Joseph Walters Austin.

born 1781

christened 26th March 1781 in Eccleshall Trinity Church.

married 19th April 1808 in Eccleshall Trinity Church.

Mary Butter

born 1781

Josephs children.

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Note : As Joseph was it seems illegitimate and there is no proof who his father may be, even though his mother Ann marries William Austin two years later. It seems that this is going to be as far back as we can with certainty trace back my connection with the name Austin.

Joseph Walters Austin was born in 1781.There are IGI records for Eccleshall that show that Ann Walters was his mother, there is no father named on the record and so we can assume he was illegitimate. Ann marries William Austin two years later in Eccleshall. So it seems that Joseph takes the double name Walters Austin. He was married to Mary Butter in 1808 at Eccleshall Trinity Church using the surname Austin. At the time of his son Williams birth in 1813 they were living at Blackwater which was a farm or hamlet within one mile of the small Staffordshire village of Croxton close to the Shropshire border. Croxton is part of Eccleshall parish which is six miles from Mucklestone. Joseph was working as an agricultural labourer.

Mary Butter was born in 1781. And christened on January 4th 1782 in Eccleshall Trinity church.

Mary's parents were Richard Butter who married Sarah Sutton at Eccleshall Trinity Church on January 2nd 1781.

Joseph Walters Baptism record from Eccleshall Trinity Church 1781.

joebap joebap1

The enlarged section of the Baptism record shows clearly " Bap Joseph son of Ann Walters . Black Water.

Marriage Certificate of Joseph and Mary.


Transcription of above :-
Mary Butters of this (borough)? Were Married in this church by banns.
This nineteenth day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred and eight.
By me J H Powell, Vicar.
This marriage was solmnised between us Joseph Walters Austin.
The Mark x of Mary Butters. In the presence of Ann Austin and John Sutton.

John Henry Powell was the vicar of Eccleshall Holy Trinity Church from 1801 to 1822 and is buried in Eccleshall.

Note :- The second name John Sutton is unreadable and is my best guess only. Mary Butter was unable to write and made her mark X only.

Photos of Blackwater April 2006

blackwater blackwater1

blackwater4 blackwater5

Blackwater is only an Hamlet. Pictures showing a house and farm track with the track running out to fields, the bottom photo shows the entrance to the lane from the main road, running past another farm. I can believe the view has not changed a lot since the late 1700's ?
This is the area Joseph lived in and is not necessarily the house he lived in!

Joseph and Marys six known children.

Joseph Austin Christened in Eccleshall on October 12th 1810.
William Austin Christened in Eccleshall on Sunday June 27th 1813. Married Mary Dunn in Mucklestone in 1836.
Thomas Austin Born Sunday 18th February 1816 and christened in Eccleshall in 1809 and died in Beech Dale, Stone in 1891.
Ellen Austin Born Thursday 20th August 1818 and christened in Eccleshall on Sunday November 22nd 1818. Married Samuel Boughey.
John Austin Christened in Eccleshall on Sunday 13th Jan 1822. Married Martha Clark.
Ann Austin Born 1826 in Croxton.

Eccleshall Holy Trinity Church.

Census records 1841 - 1851.

Census record for 1841 Dwelling Croxton Staffs
Name Age Occupation
Joseph Austin 60 Ag Lab
Mary 60 0
Anne 15 0

All born in County.

The above record is not proven and if right then there is an age discrepancy.

For interest sake a William Austin below lived next door.

William Austin. 55 Weaver, not born in county.
Mary. 40 not born in county.
Martha. 10 born in county.
Henry. 9 b ditto.
Frederic. 5 b ditto.

Census Records for 1851 Dwelling Croxton
Name Age Relationship Occupation Where born
Joseph Austin 71 Head Ag Lab Croxton
Mary Austin 72 Wife 0 Croxton
Joseph Austin 40 Son Charcoal burner Croxton
John Austin 30 Son Stone Mason Croxton

Ann appears on the 1851 census records in Stafford working for the Baker family as a house servant.

The dates of birth of the two sons seem more compatible in the 1851 records.

Joseph appears on the 1861 census records living at Fair Oaks with his wife Sarah. His job is described as a wood collier. They have no children.
Joseph appears on the 1871 census records living at Fair Oaks with his wife Sarah. His job is described as a wood collier. They have no children.
Joseph appears on the 1881 census records living at Fair Oaks with his wife Sarah. His job is described as a labourer. They have no children.

There is a marriage record in Staffs BDM of John Austin to Martha Clarke at Croxton St Paul's in 1860.

John appears on the 1861 census records living at Croxton with his wife Martha.
His job is described as a Bricklayer. They have one child a boy named John aged seven if as stated they married in 1861 whose child is John ?.

1871 Census record for John and Martha.

Census Records for 1871 Dwelling: Cottage Chatcul
Name Age Relationship Occupation Where born
John Austin 50 Head Bricklayer Staffordshire Croxton
Martha Austin 42 Wife 0 Do Do Offley
John Austin 17 Son Bricklayer Apprentice Bishop Offley
Walter Austin 10 Son Scholar Croxton
Henry Austin 8 Son Do Do
Jesse Austin 6 Son Do Chatcul
Francis Austin 4 0 Do Do
Edna Ausin 1 0 0 Do

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