William Austin

William Austin.

born 1813 Croxton.

baptised at Eccleshall Trinity Church 27th June 1813.

died 27th March 1876 Napley Heath.

married 5th April 1836 St Marys Mucklestone.

Mary Dunn.

born 1812 Pipe Gate.

Died 15th January 1898.

William Austin was born in 1813 in the small rural village of Croxton in Staffordshire very close to the Shropshire border. He married Mary Dunn who was born in Pipe Gate in 1812. They got married on Tuesday 5th April 1836 at St Mary’s church in Mucklestone. They had at least eight children. The couple never moved far from Mucklestone and Williams job is described in the census records of 1861 and 1871 as a stonemason. William Austin died on Monday 27th March 1876 in Napley Heath. The 1881 census records show Mary Austin now aged 69 and a widower living in Napley Heath with her daughter Anne and grandson Hanry, this must be Joseph Henry. Her occupation is stated as a dressmaker. Mary Austin died on Saturday 15th January 1898 probably in Napley Heath.

William's children.

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William and Mary’s Eight children.

Joseph Dunn Austin born Jan 2nd 1837 in Leycette. Christened 31st December 1837 in Mucklestone.
William Austin was christened on 14th November 1841 at Mucklestone.
John Austin was christened on 24th September 1843 at Mucklestone.
Ellen Austin born 1840 in Napley Heath.
Henry Austin was christened on 21st September 1845 at Mucklestone and died 30th December 1855.
Edward Austin was christened on 28th May 1848 at Mucklestone.
James Austin was christened on 21st April 1850 at Mucklestone.
Anne Austin was christened on 29th August 1852 at Mucklestone.

Extracts from Census Records 1841— 1881.

For William and Mary Austin .

1841 Census Records.

1841 Census Records
Dwelling Name Age Occupation
Near to Windy Harbour Farm William Austin 25 Agricultural Labourer
0 Mary Austin 25 0
0 Joseph Austin 4 0
0 Ellen Austin 1 0

1851 Census Records.

1851 Census Records, Dwelling: 69 Muxton Road
Name Age Occupation Where born
William Austin 38 Labourer Muxton
Mary Austin 40 0 Muxton
Ellen Austin 11 Scholar Muxton
William Austin 9 Scholar Muxton
John Austin 7 Scholar Muxton
Henry Austin 5 Scholar Muxton
Edward Austin 3 0 Muxton
James Austin 1 0 0

Muxton is the old name for Mucklestone.

1861 Census Records.

1861 Census Records Dwelling : Bye Road
Name Age Occupation Where born
William Austin 48 Stone Mason Croxton
Mary Austin 49 Dress Maker Pipe Gate
Edward Austin 13 Scholar Mucklestone
James Austin 11 Scholar Mucklestone
Ann Austin 9 Scholar Mucklestone

The 1861 Census records show Ellen Austin age 21, she is unmarried and working as a Dairy Maid for Joshua Pemlett and Mary Pemlett at The Griffin Arms in Norton in Hales .

1871 Census Records.

1871 Census Records, Dwelling : Little Manchester
Name Age Relation Occupation Where born
William Austin 57 Head Stone Mason Croxton
Mary Austin 59 Wife 0 Pipe Gate
Ann Austin 18 Daughter 0 Mucklestone
Henry Austin 5 Grandson Scholar Norton in Hales

1881 Census Records.

1881 Census records. Dwelling : Napley Heath
Name Age Relation Occupation Where born
Mary Austin 69 Head Dressmaker Pipe Gate
Ann Austin 28 Daughter Dressmaker Napley Heath
Hanry Austin 15 Grandson Farm Labourer Norton in Hales
Richard Malkin 23 Lodger Farm Labourer Norton in Hales

This last census record from 1881 shows that William had died and also that Joseph Henry was living with his Grandmother although the spelling of his name on the census is Hanry.
This census also shows that Richard Malkin was a lodger, by 1885 Anne and Richard were married the marriage taking place at Mucklestone St Mary in 1885.

William and Mary’s Grave Stone.


William Austin
Of Napley Heath
Who died March 27th 1876
Aged 62 Years
Mary Austin
Wife of the above
Who died January 15th 1898
Aged 86 Years
Thy will be done

1891 Census Records.

1891 Census records. Dwelling : Napley Heath
Name Relation Condition Age Age Occupation Where born
Mary Austin Head Widow 0 79 Dressmaker Salop Pipe Gate
Anne Malkin Dau Marr 0 38 Dressmaker Napley Heath
Richard Malkin Son in law Marr 33 0 Agricultural Labourer Salop Bellsport

1901 Census Records.

1901 Census records. Dwelling : Norton road.
Name Relation Condition Age Age Occupation Where born
Richard Malkin Head Marr 43 0 Waggoner on farm Norton in Hales
Anne Markin Wife Marr 0 48 0 Mucklestone

Note the misspelling of Anne's name Markin.

1911 Census Records.

1911 Census records. Dwelling : Napley Lodge Farm, Norton in Hales
Name Relation Condition Age Age Occupation Where born
Richard Malkin Head Marr 53 0 Waggoner on farm Salop Norton road
Anne Malkin Wife Marr 0 58 0 Staffs Napley Heath


House in Napley Heath.

Leonard and Joseph Henry.

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