William Caton

William Caton.

born 1779 in Newchapel or Oldcott.

married 16th Dec 1794.

Mary Walley.

born c1780.

William was the son of John and Mary and married young. They came from Newchapel or Oldcott and by the time of the first child were living in Oldcott, which is the old name for Goldenhill.

William and Mary's children.

Maria Caton born 2nd March 1796 in Oldcott.
Sarah Caton born 1799 in Oldcott.
John Caton born 1800 in Oldcott.
William Caton born 1803 in Oldcott.
James Caton born 1805 in Oldcott.
Thomas Caton born 1806.
Ralph Caton born 4th March 1808 in Oldcott.
Daniel Caton born 20th March 1810 in Tunstall.
Edwin Caton born 1814.
Henry Caton born 8th March 1815.
Rupert Caton born 13th April 1817 in Oldcott.
Levi Caton born 13th April 1819.

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