Thomas Powel Stubbs.

Thomas Powell Stubbs.

born 18 May 1900.

died 1988.


Elsie Jennings.

civil Wedding in 1921.

then Married.

Nellie Beech.

1945 Audley Central Methodist Church.


Thomas was the son of Thomas Stubbs and Mary Alice Shufflebottom and was born in Audley in 1900, Thomas married Elsie Jennings in 1921 and lived in Dean Hollow in Audley. They had three children all girls. Thomas married again after his first marriage split. Thomas married Nellie Austin nee Beech who's husband Leonard Austin had died.

Thomas and Nellie moved to Alsager and lived there for the rest of their lives, Thomas worked in Radway Green for most of his life, he lost one eye due to a disease and went blind in old age.

Thomas and Elsie's three children.

Valda Stubbs born 4th June 1922 in Audley. Valda married Jim Aroujo and went to live in the state of Rhode Island America, they had one son named Carl.
Melinda May Stubbs born 1925 married Ray Hagan they had four children John, Penny, Sheila and Fred Hagan, Melinda divorced Ray and later married a Mr Shone, they moved to Yorkshire.
Sheila Stubbs born 30th August 1928, married Brian Cartwright, they had two children David and Phillip.

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