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An introduction to my web site.

Hello and welcome to my Website :-

I started this website shortly after I collected my first records, and soon found out that writing everything on paper was never going to be an ideal way to store and share the ever increasing hoard I was collecting. The collection of records and photographs was growing rapidly and going digital seemed the obvious answer. I must admit that I also liked the idea and challenge of creating and writing my own website. Although the very first site was realy poorly written in design mode and I probably broke all the rules of web design, I did get something up and running and this spurred me on. Over the following years from 2007 I have slowly improved the site and rewritten most if not all of the pages correctly in HTML code, although there may be a few links that still do not work ??

An introduction to this area of North Staffordshire.

Wikopedia entry for :-STOKE - ON - TRENT.

My family the Austins seem to have come from the Eccleshall area of Staffordshire. The Catons from Goldenhill or Oldcott. The Beech family from Haslington in Cheshire. With the Bentley family coming from Caverswall. They all seemed to have drifted into the bigger towns, presumably leaving the fields and farms and this traditional work to find employment in the new industries that were developing. I have ancestors who were miners in the coal pitts, while others found work in the many pottery firms in the six towns, that made up Stoke upon Trent otherwise known as the Potteries. Most if not all would have lived in an area less than one hours drive by car from The Britannia Stadium Stoke's present day football ground.

The six towns of that make up the potteries.

Stoke, Hanley, Burslem, Tunstall, Longton and Fenton.

A link to an excellent site :- The Potteries.

The Pottery dialect.

The potteries accent is distinct and unique with a flavour of it's own.

Miles Green.

"When I was a lad" "Growing up in Miles Green".

I have added some pages from a book " When I was a lad " "Growing up in Miles Green". That was written about life in Miles Green between the Wars. The author was Jack Cross and although not a direct relation his book describes and relates life in this small Staffordshire village and tells some of the tales and describes some characters that were living  around  the same time as my father who lived there as a child with his family. My father was born in 1936 and he and his family would have known and grown up with some of the characters Jack Cross describes so well. There are also some wonderful tales of the games children played and just simple life at this time. Miles Green is near the village of Audley and only a few miles from the six towns of the Potteries.

I have left out some sections of the book that relate directly to Jack Cross and his relations.

The book was lent to me by Jeff Cross and I extend my thanks.

New Feature.

I have introduced a more traditional Family Tree to my website in the form of a PDF.
Where you see "Family Tree View" PDF.
If you click on this link it will bring up a Family Tree for this person showing wives and children.
On the PDF is an option to Zoom in and enlarge text if need be.
I hope it is of use (ed).

Some thanks and links.

I am indebted to so many people and organisations that it would be impossible to list them all but a few must get a mention :-

Audley Family History Society.

Andy Micklethwaite . for his invaluble help in sorting out the Catons from Goldenhill.

Anne Elliot for her help on the Beech family.

Ann Beardmore for her information on the Bently family.

Mrs C A Lee (Lottie) for having such a wonderful memory.

And all the other people who have contacted me and povided me with photographs and information.

Some links.

Some unproven ancestors

This page is available, to put the details and the names of suspected ancestors. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions.

They went to war

A list of some family members who joined the armed forces in WW1 and WW2, Some never returned.


Some birth marriage and death certificates.


Please feel free to sign into my guest book and leave your comments.


A couple of photo's showing how alike my father and grandfather were.

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