Guest book

Please accept my apologies but I have removed the guest book because it was getting so much spam.

Apparently Dumb Submitter Bots crawl the web pages looking for guest books to put their Spam into, and I found that I was constantly clearing out this rubbish,
so I decided to remove the guest book entirely which seems a shame.

Please do feel free to contact me as I would love to hear from you with any comments suggestions or information.

I have also rewritten a large part of the web site and am sorting out missing links and bugs.

If you have any information or see any mistakes please contact me.

I also welcome any photo's or stories that I can add to the website regarding ancestors.

If you can fill gaps in my Family Tree again please let me know.

If you have visited this site and found it of use again please contact me.

Also If I can help in any way I will gladly supply any information that I have.

email me at (dunelm300atskydotcom)


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