Gladys Caton

Gladys Caton.

born 22nd December 1925 in Goldenhill.

married in 1953 at St Johns Goldenhill.

Frank Gibson.

born 19th May 1926.


Gladys and FranK

Gladys was the third daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth Brindley. Leonard was a coal miner and died in the Birchenwood mining disaster just four days before Gladys was born, so she never knew her father. Gladys met Frank Gibson and they married in 1953 in St John's Goldenhill. Gladys and Frank had three children two girls and a boy.

Gladys and Franks children.


Sandra Gibson

Sandra Gibson born 16th April 1953 and married Robin Bavin. Sandra had three children.

Niki Gibson born 13th November 1973.
Mark Bavin born March 1982 and died August 1982
Emma Bavin born 29th July 1983.

Sadly Sandra died in March 2005.


Lorraine Gibson

Lorraine Gibson born 12th August 1956. Lorraine married Paul Thompson and they had three children.

Rachael Thompson born 1st February 1978.
Nigel Paul Thompson born 15th December 1978.
Raymond Trevour Thompson born 1st September 1986.

Lorraine's Grandchildren.

Rachael married Jason Lawton and they have a boy named Hayden Lawton born 12th November 2004.

Nigel married Sara Bott and they have two children. Jamie born 27th December 2002 and Jena born 27th November 2003.

Paul was in the Army and stationed in various countries, they were in Germany when Raymond was born in Hanover. Raymond is disabled and has been in a wheelchair since he was ten years old. Lorraine and Paul divorced shortly after his return from the Gulf War in 1993, Paul died in 2006.

Keith Gibson

Keith Gibson born 4 July 1957 and married Susan Hopwood. They have four children.

Anthony Gibson born 1st April 1976.
Paul Gibson born 2nd September 1979.
Mathew Gibson born 27th November 1984.
Stephany Gibson born 26th December 1996.

Mathew has two children Bradley and Madison Gibson.

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