Elizabeth Timmis

Elizabeth Timmis.

born c1805 in Wybunbury, Cheshire.

died January 12th 1893 in Betley.

married 20th October 1834.

William Swinnerton.

born c1805 in Betley.


Elizabeth Timmis.

Date unknown.

Elizabeth Timmis was born around 1805 possibly in Wybunbury in Cheshire. She married a man named William Swinnerton two years after the birth of her first daughter Louisa Timmis, who was born in Wybunbury. They went on to have a further five children three girls and two boys and lived in Betley, Staffordshire.

Elizabeth and William's six children.

Louisa Timmis born out of wedlock 1831 in Wybunbury. Married James Beech.
Mary Swinnerton born 1836 possibly in Betley.
Samuel Swinnerton born in 1837 possibly in Betley.
Sarah Swinnerton born 1838 and baptised 27th May 1838.
Ralph Swinnerton born 14th June 1840 in Betley Common, and named after his grandfather.
Elizabeth Swinnerton born in 1843 in Newcastle under Lyme and baptised in Betley 17th April 1843.

Louisa Timmis

Louisa Timmis.

born 1831 in Wybunbury.

died 29th January 1912 in Newcastle U Lyme.

married 1st February 1853 at Barthomley St Bertoline.

James Beech.

born 1831 in Haslington Cheshire.

died 19th September 1900 .


James and Louisa.

Louisa Timmis was the daughter of Elizabeth Timmis and William Swinnerton. She was born out of wedlock in 1831 in Wybunbury in Cheshire. Although her mother and father married two years after her birth, on the 1841 census records she is not with them in Betley, but living with Ann Timmis who may well have been her grandmother. Louisa died twelve years after her husband, she is stated on the death certificate as dying of nephrititis and bronchitis over one month and ureamia over two days, she was aged 78 and living at 3 Back Brampton, Newcastle.

Louisa's death cerificate.

Details of the 1841 Census records.

1841 Census Dwelling: Shavington Cottage, Wybunbury, Shavington Cum Gresty.
Name Age Occupation Where born
Ann Timmis 55 Farmer Cheshire
Joseph Timmis 25 Ag Lab Cheshire
Louisa Timmis 9 0 Cheshire

The 1851 census records show Louisa working as a house servant for a James and Mary Timmis in Weston, Cheshire. This is very probably another relative. Two years later in 1853 Louisa has met her husband to be, James Beech and they were married in St Bertoline's church in Barthomley. Louisa and James went on to have six children four girls and two boys.

Louisa and James six children.

Herbert Beech born 1860 in Sneyd Green.
Florence Beech born 1863 in Sneyd Green.
Annie E Beech born 1866 in Sneyd Green.
Mary Ellen Beech born 1869 in Sneyd Green.
Alethia Beech born 1870 in Sneyd Green.
Thomas Beech born 5th August 1872 in Waterloo Building, Newcastle under Lyme.

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