Thomas Austin

Thomas Austin

born 1888 in Audley.

died 1953.

married 1918 Audley St James.

Florence Viggars

Thomas Austin worked as a coal miner at Lycette pitt, his daughter Charlotte says that he was devastated when the pitt closed and thought it the end of the world. Thomas suffered from bad eyes and this prevented him joining the army with his brothers Henry and William.

Thomas and Florence had two children both girls.

Charlotte Agnes Austin.


Born 10th June 1919. Charlotte married Leonard Lee on 5th September 1942 at Halmerend Central Methodist Chapel, they lived in Miles Green and had one child Cynthia Margaret Lee. Cynthia married Keneth Cornes in Halmerend Central Methodist Chapel and had two children named Andrew Charles Cornes and Sharron Elizabeth Cornes.

Lottie died in hospital, she suffered from a fall in the June of 2007 and went to hospital with a broken leg. They pinned her leg but the bones were not strong enough and they had to redo the operation. Lottie never really recovered from this and spent a while in hospital, she was moved to a nursing home in the November and died a few weeks later. She never returned to her home. Lottie died at 23:05 Friday November 30th 2007, her daughter Cynthia had been with her all day but had returned home when she was phoned. Lottie was buried on 11th December at Alsagers Bank Church. I met Lottie with my father and found her to be a wonderful person with a very good memory and as bright as a button, we miss her very much.


Lottie and Family

Andrew married Anne Birgette Everson on 13th July 1991 and have three children.

Pascal Ashley Cornes. 18th July1993.
Zoe Bennidict Everson Cornes. 2nd February 2003.
Ida Melina Cornes 3rd November 2005.

Sharron married John Christopher O Connor 21st December 1991 in Audley St James, and have three children.

Nathaniel James. 10th December 1993.
Abbigale. 14th February 1999.
Johnathan. 28th December 2000.

Phyllis May Austin.

Born 17th June 1923. Phyllis married Charles France Rawson Briggs in 1956 in Mint, Exeter. She died 16th January 2012 in a nursing home in Sidmouth.

They had three children.

Robert Austin Briggs. born 11th August 1958.
Elizabeth Anne Briggs. born 20th December 1959
Michael Charles Briggs. born 28th October 1961.

Elizabeth married Anthony Flores 23rd September1989. Divorced Anthony. Remarried John James Dalton in 2005. Elizabeth kept Flores in her name and is now Elizabeth Flores Dalton.

Michael married Georgina Morley on 30th July 1988 and have two children.

Peter Michael Briggs. born 9th July 1992 .
William Samuel Briggs. born 7th October 1997.

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