Samuel Dale to Henry Dale

Samuel Dale.

born abt 1801 in Cheddleton.

married 27th October 1824 in Cheddleton.

Hannah Copeland.

born abt 1806.

Samuel and Hannah married in Cheddleton in 1824 they seem to have moved to near Caverswall by 1830 and 1832, then they moved to live in or near Norton in the Moors.

The 1851 census record records them at 39 Washerwall.

Census Records

1841 Census Records. Dwelling: Bank Lane.
Name Age Occupation Place of birth
Samuel Dale 40 Ag Lab Staffordshire
Hanna Dale 35 0 Staffordshire
Elizabeth Dale 11 0 Staffordshire
Susanna Dale 9 0 Staffordshire
Ephrim Dale 7 0 Staffordshire
Samuel Dale 5 0 Staffordshire
Hannah Dale 3 0 Staffordshire
Joshua Dale 1 0 Staffordshire

1851 Census Record : Dwelling 39 Washerwall.
Name Age Occupation Place of birth
Samuel Dale 47 Farmer 5 acres and Stone mason Chedelton
Hannah Dale 46 Wife employed at house Norton
Sushanna Dale 0 Servant at house Caverswall
Ephram Dale 17 Stone Quarry Dithrue ?
Hannah Dale 15 Scholar Chedelton
Joshua Dale 11 ? Quarry Chedelton
Emma Dale 8 Scholar Norton
Martha Dale 4 Scholar Norton
Ellen Dale 2 0 Stoke

1861 Census Records : Dwelling Washerwall, Stoke on Trent.
Name Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace
Samuel Dale 56 Head Builders Lab South Low
Hannah Dale 55 Wife 0 Norton
Joshua Dale 21 Son Coal Miner Cheddleton
Ellen Dale 12 Dau 0 Stoke
Elizabeth Dale 6 Gr Dau 0 Caverswall

1871 Census Records : Dwelling Washerwall, Stoke on Trent.
Name Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace
Samuel Dale 66 Head Farm Lab Stoke
Hannah Dale 65 Wife 0 Stoke

Samuel and Hannah's nine Children.

John Dale born 8th Jan 1825 and christened 30th Jan 1825 in Cheddleton.
Ann Dale. born 1827.
Elizabeth Dale. born 1830.
Mary Dale. born 1831.
Susannah Dale. born 1832.
Ephrim Dale. born 1834.
Samuel Dale. born 1836.
Hannah Dale born 1838.
Joshua Dale. born 1840.

Samuel Dale.

Samuel Dale.

born abt 1836 possibly in Caverswall in Staffordshire.

died 1859 in Stoke on trent.

married 1858 in Stoke St Peter's.

Elizabeth Bentley.

born 1839 in Longton.

It seems that Samuel was born around 1840 possibly in Caverswall. He married a girl named Elizabeth Bentley in 1858 and they had just the one child who they named Henry. It also happens that Samuel died in 1859 the year after Henry's birth leaving his wife Elizabeth a widow, and she moved back to live with her parents John and Jane Bentley.

Henry Dale.

Henry Dale.

born 1858 in Caverswall.

married at Christ Church Tunstall April 22nd 1882.

died 1906.

Mary Horne.

born 1861 in Tunstall.

Henry Dale was born in Caverswall in or around 1858 and married Mary Horne at Christ Church Tunstall on Saturday 22 April 1882. From this Marriage Certificate we can assume Henry’s father Samuel Dale and Mary’s Father James Horne. Samuel was a miner and James a Brick maker at this time. This is what is on the certificate but in Mary's case is probably untrue.

Surprisingly Henry Dale does not appear on the 1881 census records, this suggests he was out of the country / Where was he ?

It appears that there is a lot of confusion surrounding Henry.

Here is an attempt to explain the story, there is a certain amount of speculation as I will never know the full truth so :-

Henry appears to have been born around 1858 possibly in Caverswall. His father according to the marriage certificate was Samuel Dale and his mother was Elizabeth Bentley. Henry's father Samuel seems to have died the year after his son's birth 1859, leaving Elizabeth a widow. Elizabeth appears on the 1861 census records as a widow aged 22 living with her father's family John and Jane Bentley. She must have been taken in by them after her husbands death. In 1871 Henry seems to be using the surname Bentley, and appears on the 1871 census records living in Albert Street, Longton with his grandparents John and Jane Bentley and using the name Henry Bentley. On the 1881 census records he again turns up as Henry Bentley maybe he is using this name because he was brought up in the Bentley household, (we will probably never know). In 1882 Henry gets married to Mary Horne who in turn has a confusing background. By the time of his marriage he looks to have reverted back to his real surname, perhaps he never knew his real surname until he looked at his birth certificate. (again we will probably never know the real reason).

They lived for 13 years or so in Tunstall before moving to Longton. Henry appears on the 1901 Census Records where he is living with Mary and their ten children in Longton. They lived in Tunstall from approx 1882 until 1895 as the oldest child Mary was born in Tunstall and is aged 19 and Clara is aged six and was born in Longton. At the time of the 1901 census they are living at 43 Albert Street, Longton and Henry’s job is a Coal Miner - Cutter underground.

The address of Albert Street was the one in 1871 when he was living as Henry Bentley unfortunately the house number was not recorded in 1871, so we don't know if he returned to his Grandfather's house, or just a house in the same street.

On Clara’s marriage certificate Henry is stated as deceased she was married in 1917. He possibly died in 1906.

Census Records


1861 Census records
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
John Bentley 48 Head Banksman Coal miner Caverswall
Jane Bentley 40 Wife 0 Stoke on trent
Thomas Bentley 20 Son Coal miner Hulme
Charles Bentley 19 Son Stoker Engine Hulme
Louis Bentley 13 Son Scholar Hulme
Fredrick Bentley 7 Son Scholar Longton
Arthur Bentley 5 Son Scholar Longton
Herbert Bentley 3 Son 0 Longton
Elizabeth Dale 22 Dau 0 Longton
Henry Dale 3 Gr-son 0 Longton


The 1871 census records has Henry Bentley living in Albert Street, Longton. With his Grandparents John and Jane Bentley.


The 1881 census records has Henry Bentley living at 81 Henry Street, Woolstanton. He is aged aged 24 and his occupation is Iron Miner, he is a lodger with the Baskayfield family.


1891 Census records : Dwelling Tunstall
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
Henry Dale 33 Head 0 0
Mary Dale 31 Wife 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Emily Dale 2 Daur 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Samuel Dale 4 Son 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Harriet Dale 6 Daur 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Florence Dale 7 Daur 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Mary Dale 8 Daur 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Harriet Procter 54 Mother in law 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
William Procter 48 Father in law 0 Congleton, Cheshire


1901 Census records Dwelling : 43 Albert Street Longton
Name Date Born Age Birthplace Occupation
Henry Dale 1858 43 Caverswall Coal miner (Cutter below ground)
Mary Dale 1861 40 Tunstall 0
Mary Dale 1882 19 Tunstall Potters Lathe Earth Treader
Harriet Dale 1885 16 Tunstall Potters Warehouse Girl
Samuel Dale 1887 14 Tunstall Potters Pressers Assistant
Emily Dale 1889 12 Tunstall 0
Florrie Dale 1891 10 Tunstall 0
Harry Dale 1893 8 Tunstall 0
Clara Dale 1895 6 Longton 0
May Dale 1897 4 Longton 0
Ada Dale 1899 2 Longton 0
Harold Dale 1901 3 months Longton 0


1911 Census Records Dwelling: 38 Queen St, Fenton, Staffordshire.
Name Relation Age Status Occupation Birthplace
Mary Dale Head 50 Widow 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Samuel Dale Son 24 Married Coal Miner Loader Tunstall, Staffordshire
Emily Rowe Daughter 22 Married 0 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Florence Dale Daughter 20 Single Castor Tunstall, Staffordshire
Harry Dale Son 18 Single Coal Miner Loader Tunstall, Staffordshire
Clara Dale Daughter 16 Single Lathe Treader Longton, Staffordshire
May Dale Daughter 14 0 Cup Handler Longton, Staffordshire
Ada Dale Daughter 12 0 School Longton, Staffordshire
Harold Dale Son 10 0 School Longton, Staffordshire
Alice Edna Dale Daughter 7 0 School Burslem, Staffordshire
Thomas Rowe Son in law 31 Married Earthenware Dealer Longton, Staffordshire

Note: Thomas Rowe's occupation states own occupation at home.

Where is Samuel's wife living ? and who is she.
The census shows they have been married for one year and had two children and one child had died.

Samuel Dale who was my Grandmothers brother joined the North Staffordshire regiment but very soon after deserted. Samuel was noted as being a bit of a rogue and while in hiding after the war had ended my  Grandmother said that while AWOL he went into hiding in Goldenhill at her house and hid knuckle dusters down the loo. Another story she told was that when in hiding from the military police he was concealing himself in a urinal in Goldenhill and came out peeing on the redcaps. Another story is that Sam when AWOL went to the pub dressed in disguise as a woman.

(I wish I had known him) !!

There is now a fuller story to Samuels life and army career ?? on the link below.

Link to Samuel Dale.

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