Alternative Beginning.

This is the first page of the earliest Beech history and it is here to offer two options on the parentage of Samuel Beech, because there is no definitive proof of Samuels ancestors. The two options listed here are very close but unfortunately offer no positive proof too the identity of Samuel Beech's parentage. So two Samuel Beech's both baptized at St Bertoline's church at Barthomley but at different dates and different parents. Obviously I hope to obtain the one true family at some point in time perhaps from a will or a family bible maybe, and when that happens I will update the records accordingly.

Option 1.

Richard Beech to James Beech

Richard Beech.

born Smallwood about 1744

married 26th November 1764

Ann Dale.

born around 1743

The earliest trace of the Beech family may begin in the very small rural village of Smallwood in Cheshire where in 1764 Richard married Ann Dale. Ann Dale's father was named Richard Dale and was born in Smallwood around 1728. Smallwood even today is a small place with several farms and is situated in South Cheshire between Sandbach and Congleton.

Soon after they were married they had at least one son named Thomas Beech who was born in 1765.

Thomas Beech

Thomas Beech.

born 1765 Died 1829.married

Elizabeth Jones.

born 1766 Died 1830.

Elizabeth Jones parents were : James Jones born around 1746 in Wheelock, near Sandbach, who married: Elizabeth Rathbourne.

Elizabeth's father was Philip Rathbourne from Burslem in the Potteries.

Thomas and Elizabeth Jones probably lived near Smallwood in Cheshire, they had six children.

Samuel Beech born 1793
Harriet Beech born 1795
Richard Beech born 1797
Ann Beech born 1801
Thomas Beech born 1804
Elizabeth Beech born 1806

This following information is taken from St Bertoline's church at Barthomley:-

And reads Baptism of Samuel Beech 2nd March 1793 son of Thomas Beech a labourer, son of Richard Beech of Smallwood by his wife Ann daughter of Richard Dale of Smallwood. His mother Elizabeth daughter of James Jones of Wheelock by his wife Elizabeth daughter of Philip Rathbourne.

Option 2

William Beech

William Beech.

born c 1755

died 1841 In Cheshire.

married at Barthomley 31st December 1784

Rebecca Davis.

born c1763

Died 1849

William and Rebecca had eight children and lived in the Crewe Green area of Cheshire, this is still known today as Crewe Green and boundaries with Haslington.

William and Rebecca's eight children.

Charles Beech 0
William Beech born 1788.
Richard Beech born 1793.
John Beech born c1796.
Samuel Beech born 1799 died 1876 married Martha Cooke on 3 February 1825 in Barthomley.
Dinah Beech born 1802.
Hannah Beech born 1806.
George Beech born 1809.

The above information on William and Rebecca is also well researched and sights the birth date of Samuel 1799 and the birth place of Haslington as the basis for William and Rebecca being Samuels parents this being cross checked against earlier census records.

Thanks to Adrian Bruce for this information.

Samuel Beech

Samuel Beech.

born 1793

married 3rd February 1825

Martha Cook.

Samuel Beech was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth or William and Rebecca and married Martha Cook in 1825.

Extracts from the 1841 and 1851 census records.

1841 Census Records.

1841 Census records Township of Haslington
Name Age Trade Born in same country
Samuel Beech 40 Ag Lab Y
Martha Beech 35 0 Y
Thomas Beech 14 0 Y
James Beech 11 0 Y
Mary Beech 10 0 Y
Martha Beech 9 0 Y
Jane Beech 7 0 Y
Elizabeth Beech 4 0 Y
Ann Cook 72 0 Y
Samuel Cook 20 0 Y

1851 Census Records

1851 Census records: 103 Grub Street Haslington.
Name Relation 0 Age Occupation Where born
Samuel Beech Head M 51 Labourer Navigation Cheshire Haslington
Martha Beech Wife F 48 0 Cheshire Haslington
Samuel Beech Son U 29 Navigation Cheshire Haslington
Thomas Beech Son U 21 Farm servant Cheshire Haslington
James Beech Son U 19 Farm servant Cheshire Haslington
Jane Beech Dau U 13 At home dau Cheshire Haslington
Elizabeth Beech Dau U 10 Scholar Cheshire Haslington
Mary Beech Dau U 4 At home dau Cheshire Haslington

Adrian adds the following:-

My 3G grandmother Martha isn't with them - she's employed as a servant at the Red Lion in Weston, where the landlord's son (my 3G grandfather) is, in true Victorian melodrama fashion, having his way with the servant wench. Except I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were the other way round, given Martha's later history - and her own mother's example!

1861 Census Records

1861 Census Records Grub Street Haslington.
Name Relation 0 Age Occupation Where born
Samuel Beech Head M 61 Brick Maker Weston
Martha Beech Wife M 58 0 Haslington
Samuel Beech Son U 40 Lab Haslington
Thomas Beech Son U 30 0 Haslington
Martha Beech Dau U 28 Charwoman Haslington
Mary Beech Dau U 14 0 Haslington
Emily Beech G - Dau U 7 0 Haslington
Alice Beech G - Dau U 2 0 Haslington

1871 Census Records

1871 Census Records Haslington.
Name Relation 0 Age Occupation Where born
Samuel Beech Head M 71 Lab Haslington
Martha Beech Wife M 69 0 Haslington
Samuel Beech Son U 51 Lab Haslington
Martha Beech Dau U 38 0 Haslington
Alice Beech G Dau U 12 0 Haslington
William Beech G Son U 7 0 Haslington
Samuel Beech G Son U 5 0 Haslington
Fanny Beech G Dau U 1 0 Haslington

Emily (1852-1927)is the daughter of Martha Beech and William Harding - my 3G grandparents. That we do know.

Thomas (1856-58), Alice (born1858/59), William (born1861/62), Samuel (born1865/66) and Frances / Fanny (born1868/70) are all children of Martha Beech and X.

Then Thomas Stubbs (born1878) is the son of Martha Beech and Henry Stubbs after they married in 1877.

We only know William Harding is Emily's father because his name is in the Baptismal PR - this was the time when illegitimacy didn't result in your name being banned. However, for the middle lot, opinion seems to have hardened and no evidence exists of the name of X. Family legends suggest he was a gentleman caller with enough money to settle Martha in a house - except I'm not sure of even that since after her death, her widower, Henry, moves in with his step-daughter, Emily.

Intuitively, there looks too much of a gap for me to believe X was either William Harding or Henry Stubbs. Also, neither seem to have had much cash. William seems much closer to a Victorian Del Boy than a Victorian gent - though the 1901 census shows a curiously tender side in that William seems to be a full time carer to a Levi Edwards who, looking at all the census evidence, I suspect he may have known all his life.

Adrian kindly offered some of his research to be added to this website and I extend my gratitude to him.

James Beech

James Beech.

born 1831 in Haslington Cheshire.

baptised 25th September 1831.

married 1st February 1853 at Barthomley St Bertoline.

died 1900 buried at Newcastle U Lyme cemetry.

Louisa Timmis.

born 1832 at Wybunbury Cheshire.

died 29th January 1912.

buried at Newcastle U Lyme cemetry.

James was baptised by RD Hick, the curate of St. Matthew's, Haslington, on 25th September, 1831. The spelling Beachis used for the surname.

Louisa was the illegitimate daughter of William Swinnerton and Elizabeth Timmis.

James and Louisa married at St Bertoline's church in Barthomley on 1st February 1853, on the marriage certificate James is a labourer and Louisa is a servant, both resident in Haslington, near Crewe, Cheshire. James signed his name and Louisa made her mark. The witnesses were Thomas Beech and Sarah Tomkinson they both made their mark.

James and Louisa were living in Haslington near Crewe in Cheshire, when they first married. The 1881 Census records have them both living at 57 Fletcher Street, Newcastle under Lyme in Staffordshire, before this they lived in Sneyd Green in the Potteries.

James died in 1900 in Chell Hospital, which was also a workhouse. James was buried in common ground in Newcastle cemetery grave number 2937 block 59. Also in the same grave are his grandson Roger Whitaker the son of Herbert Beech in 1901 aged 7 months, and his wife Louisa 1912. The grave was later bought by a family named Pepper and a headstone is on the grave bearing the name of two Peppers.

Louisa died at the age of 78 in 1912 she was living at no 3 Back Brampton in Newcastle at the time of her death and seems to have died over a period of a month according to the death certificate of Nephritis and Bronchitis.


James and Louisa.

(not dated)

beechbible beechbible

Pages from the family Bible

The above pages were kindly sent to me by Des Beech. I offer my thanks.


Name When and Where Born
James Beech October 9th 1830 Haslington.
Louisa Beech January 1830 Wybunbury.
James Beech July 8th 1851 Wybunbury.
William Beech December 25th 1854 (??) unclear.
Henry Beech September 5th 1856 Sneyd Green.
Herbert Beech February 17th 1860 Sneyd Green.
Florence Beech April 30th 1865 Sneyd Green.
Anne Elizabeth Beech April 12th 186? Sneyd Green.
Mary Ellen Beech September 29th 1868 Sneyd Green.
Thomas Beech August 3rd 1872 Newcastle.
Sarah Jane Beech February 19th 1875 Newcastle.
Eleitha Beech February 17th 1876 Newcastle.
Sarah Jane Beech Died 6th February 1876.
James Beech Married February 2nd 1875.
Herbert Beech Married April 25th 1888.
Willie Arthur Beech September 17th 1876 Knutton.
Florence Beech Married March 13th 1887.

Second page Some words crossed out and illegible.

Annie Beech June 1891.

Herbert Beech Married to Eliza Dale April 25th 1888.

Ellen Beech Died November 5th 1888 aged 20.

Words to faded to read ???

Notes :-

Herbert Beech marriage mentioned on both pages.

Annie Beech is mentioned on the above page but not sure why? There is a marriage found on Staffs BDM of Annie Beech to Harry C Jones at Great Wryley St Mark in 1892 (ref C11/1/392) so she is not dead or married in 1891. This may be a simple mistake but would need the marriage certificate for certain proof.

James and Louisa's children.

James Beech born out of wedlock on July 8th 1851 in Wybunbury. Married Martha February 2nd 1875
William Beech born 1854 in Congleton. Married Ellen Bentley 1876.
Henry Beech born September 5th 1856 in Sneyd Green.
Herbert Beech born February 17th 1860 in Sneyd Green. Married Eliza Dale April 25th 1888.
Florence Beech born April 30th 1865 in Sneyd Green. Married Frank Hinchley March 13th 1887
Annie Elizabeth Beech born April 12th1866 in Sneyd Green.
Mary Ellen Beech born September 29th 1868 in Sneyd Green.
Thomas Beech born August 3rd 1872 in Waterloo Building, Newcastle under Lyme.
Sarah Jane Beech born February 19th 1875 Newcastle died 6th February 1876.
Eleitha Beech born February 17th 1870 or 76 in Sneyd Green.

Census Records

1841 Cenus records Township of Haslington
Name Age Trade Born in same country
Samuel Beech 40 Ag Lab Y
Martha Beech 35 0 Y
Thomas Beech 14 0 Y
James Beech 11 0 Y
Mary Beech 10 0 Y
Martha Beech 9 0 Y
Jane Beech 7 0 Y
Elizabeth Beech 4 0 Y
Ann Cook 72 0 Y
Samuel Cook 20 0 Y

1851 Census Records. Dwelling :103 Grub Street, Haslington.
Name Age Occupation Where born
Samuel Beech 51 0 0
Martha Beech 48 0 0
Samuel Beech 29 0 0
Thomas Beech 21 0 0
James Beech 19 Farm Servant Haslington
Jane Beech 13 0 0
Elizabeth Beech 10 0 0
Mary Beech 4 0 0

1861 Census Records. Dwelling : Sneyd Green.
Name Age Occupation Where born
James Beech 30 Colliery Labourer Haslington.
Lydia Beech 30 0 Shevington.
James Beech 9 0 0
William Beech 7 0 0
Henry Beech 4 0 0
Herbert Beech 1 0 0

Note the name Lydia not Louisa ? and Shevington not Shavington.

1871 Census Records. Abbey Hulton, Wolstanton.
Name Age Relation Occupation Where born
James Beech 40 Head Labourer at Colliery Chester, Haslington
Louisa Beech 40 Wife 0 Whybunbury
James Beech 19 Son Engine man at Colliery Whybunbury
William Beech 17 Son Engine man at Colliery Stafford, Congleton
Herbert Beech 11 Son Scholar Burslem
Florence Beech 7 Dau 0 Burslem
Hannah Beech 5 Dau 0 Burslem
Ellen Beech 2 Dau 0 Burslem
Ester Beech 1 Dau 0 Burslem
John Timmis 63 Uncle,Unm 0 Chester,Whybunbury

Note: The spelling of Whybunbury with an H.

1881 Census Records. Dwelling: 57 Fletcher Street, Newcastle Under Lyme.
Name Age Relation Occupation Birthplace
James Beech 50 Head Colliery Labourer (CM) Haslington, Cheshire
Louisa Beech 49 Wife 0 Wybunbury, Cheshire
Herbert Beech 21 Son Colliery Engineer (Eng Driver) Sneyd Green, Staffordshire
Florence Beech 18 Dau Domestic Servant Sneyd Green, Staffordshire
Annie E Beech 15 Dau School Teacher Sneyd Green, Staffordshire
Mary Ellen Beech 12 Dau Scholar Sneyd Green, Staffordshire
Alethea Beech 11 Dau Scholar Sneyd Green, Staffordshire
Thomas Beech 8 Son Scholar Silverdale, Staffordshire

1891 Census Records. Dwelling 3 Bailey Street
Name Age Occupation 0
James Beech 59 General Labouer 0
Louisa Beech 59 0 0
Thomas Beech 18 Coal Miner 0
Annie Beech 23 Dress maker 0

1901 Census Records. Dwelling : 188 Oxford Road
Name Age Occupation 0
Louis A Beech 70 Widow 0
Thomas Beech 28 Coal Miner underground 0

Note spelling of Louisa.

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