Martha Austin

Martha Ellen Austin.

born 27th May 1891.

married Dec 1915 in Market Drayton.

Samuel France.

died 1921, buried in Drayton in Hales.

then married in 1933 in Alsagers Bank, St John.

Mark Pearson.



Martha Ellen Austin

Martha was the daughter of Joseph Henry Austin and Lavinia Stubbs. She was born 27th May 1891 at eleven O clock at night.

Martha had an illegitimate daughter named Hilda when she was young.
As I understand things, Hilda was brought up believing Henry and Lavinia were her parents. When she found out that her 'sister' Martha was actually her mother she wasn't happy. I don't think they ever reconciled.

Martha married Samuel France in 1915 and had two children. Samuel France died in 1921 and was buried in Drayton in Hales. perhaps there was little money available as the burial and Minister was paid for by her father Joseph Henry Austin. She later married Mark Pearson.

Burial receipt.

Hilda married Albert Goodwin and they had 5 children. James, Edwin, Margaret, Phyliss and Barbara Goodwin.

Martha later married Samuel France in Market Drayton in December 1915 aged 23.
Martha and Samuel had two children .
Samuel France died early and Martha brought up her children alone.
Martha finally married Mark Pearson in 1933.

Martha and Samuel's two children.

Samuel Thomas France Married first Bertha Frances Hodson in 1938 and then Eva Hilda Wade at Newcastle Methodist Church (Ebenezer) in 1951.
Lucy M France Lucy married Joffre Palin a civil marriage in Newcastle under Lyme in 1940.

Samuel Thomas France.

Samuel Thomas France.

born 2nd July 1917 in Woore Shropshire.

died 27th June 2007 in Ashley Heath, Market Drayton.

married 1938 Civil marriage in Newcastle under Lyme.

Bertha Frances Hodson.

divorced January 1951.

then married 5th May 1951 in Newcastle under Lyme methodist church.

Eva Hilda Wade.

born 27th April 1919 in Newcastle under Lyme .

died 18th April 1998 in Ashley Heath, Market Drayton.


Samuel Thomas and Eva Hilda.


Samuel Thomas France dated 1937.

Samuel Thomas fathered a child when he was young named Derek. We seem to have no clues has to the mother of Derek but Martha, Samuel Thomas's mother brought up Derek as her own child.
Samuel Thomas married Eva Hilda Wade in 1951 at Newcastle Methodist church. Eva had been married before to Thomas Dunn ten years previously in 1941 at Newcastle St Giles and they had an adopted child. As I understand things Thomas Dunn died in the second World War - shortly after adopting the son.

I have a photo dated 1927 and the adress on the back is 19 King Street, Wereton, Audley. So the family lived here until at least that date !

Derek married Eileen Cope in 1957.

Derek suffered from depression and after Martha's death he unfortunately hung himself.

Note :-

Derek when married used the name Derek A Pearson, so he was given Martha's surname Pearson after she married Mark and not the surname of his real father which would have been Samuel Thomas France. There is no record of Derek's mother or why she did not bring up her son.

Lucy M France

Lucy M France.

married 1940 civil wedding in Newcastle.

Joffre Palin

Lucy married Joffre Palin in 1940. I am not sure of the details, but Lucy died suddenly in a children's play park it is said she fell off a child's roundabout and although she went to hospital she died under the anesthetic, which was given to her to set a broken leg.

Lucy and Joffre wedding in 1940.


Unknown lad / Ivy / Arthur / Probably Joffre's mum / Probably Joffre's dad / Joffre / Lucy / Probably Derek Pearson / Florrie / Martha /Samuel Thomas France / Phyllis / Lottie.

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