Lavinia Stubbs

Lavinia Stubbs.

born July 3rd 1864.

died 7th Feb 1934 Audley.


Joseph Henry Austin.


Lavinia Stubbs was born on July 3rd 1864 the first born child of Samuel and Martha Stubbs, who lived in Audley. Lavinia Stubbs is recorded in the 1881 census records as working at Wall Farm in Audley she was a housemaid. After Lavinia and Joseph got married they lived in Mellard Street Wereton, then 13 Booth Street in Audley for the rest of their lives and had ten children.

I am in gratitude to Ian Taylor for providing the details of Lavinia's bible which provides some hand written dates and times for the births of some of the children.

laviniabible1 laviniabible2 laviniabible3

Transcripts of the above from left to right.

First page.
Presented to Lavinia Stubbs from the Primitive Methodist School, AUDLEY, for good and early attendance, July 11 1874.

Arthur Austin. Born on the 23rd November at a quarter to 7 at night 1906.
Hilda May Austin. Born on the 27th March at half past nine in the morning 1913.

Second page.
Phillys May Goodwin. Born on the 15th December 1942 at twenty past twelve at night.

Third page.
Ivy Lavinia Austin. Born on the 28th September at 8' O clock in the morning 1921.

Forth page.
Jane Austin. Born on the 31st July 1898 at a quarter to eight in the morning.
Leonard Austin. Born on the 16th May 1900 at quarter to five in the morning.
Florence Lucy Austin. Born on the 7th July 1902 at twenty past six at night.

Fifth Page.
Henry Austin. Born on the 9th day of April 1893 at 15 min past 7 in the morning.
William Austin. Was born on the 28th Feby 1895 at 15 min past 8 in the morning.
Agnes Ann Austin. Was born on the 7th day of June 1896 at 25 mins past 4 O' Clock at night. Died 9 of April 1905.

Sixth page
Thomas Austin. Born on the 16th of September 1887 at 25 mins past 5 at night.
Elizabeth Martha Austin. Born on the 19th Aug 5 mins past 5 in the morning 1889.
Martha Ellen Austin. Born on the 27th May at 11 O' Clock at night 1891.

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