I am indebted to Joan Box for the information and photographs she supplied.

John Austin

John Austin.

born 1843 in Napley Heath.

christened 24th September in St Mary Mucklestone.

died 28th March 1898 in Hanleyaged 56.

married 28th March 1867 Holy Trinity church, Hope.

Sarah Anne Hulme.

born 1849 in Burslem.

died 31st October 1916 in Hanley.

Hope Holy Trinity and Wellington St Luke are both an ecclesiastical parish of Hanley.

John Austin was born in Napley Heath in 1844,he was the third son of William and Mary Austin, by the time he was 17 years old he was lodging in Ashley with the Chambers family and was working as a Blacksmith. By1867 he was 23 years old and married to Sara Hulme. He had moved to the Hanley area of Stoke on Trent where he continued his trade as a Blacksmith until his death at the early age of 56. John died of a malignant tumour of the neck and pneumonia, he was living at 41 Elizabeth Street in Hanley when he died and his wife Sarah was in attendance at his death - she made her mark X on the death certificate. It also looks like John died on the same day of his wedding aniversary.

Johns death cert.

Sarah Anne died on the 31st October 1916 from senile decay and bronchitis. She was 69 years old and living at 33 Back Ward street in Hanley. Her son in law Charles Longland was in attendance at the time of her death. She had outlived John by some 11 years.

Sarah's death cert.

John and Sarah's Children.

Mary Austin born 1869 in Hanley.
Sarah Austin born 1871 in Stoke on Trent.
Ann Mary Austin born 1876 in Hanley.
Ellen Austin born 1878 in Hanley. Died 29th November 1928 in Hanley.
Charles W Austin born 1883 in Bucknall.
Harriet Austin born 1890 in Bucknall

Staffs BMD Marriage records

Staffs BMD has the following, they all seem probable but need a marriage certificate to be certain.

There are several marriages at Wellington, St Lukes for a Mary Austin so would need marriage certs.

Sarah Austin marriage to Arthur Martin Wellington,St Lukes 1899 ref no :- 36/07/112.
Ann Mary Austin marriage to Eli Faulkner Wellington,St Lukes 1903 ref no :- 36/08/345.
Ellen Austin marriage to Charles Longland Wellington,St Lukes 1899 ref no :- 36/07/111.
Charles Austin marriage to Mary A Shenton Wellington,St Lukes ref no :- 3/09/200.

There are marriages for Harriet but none at Wellington, St Lukes.

The address of St Lukes church is given now as St Lukes Church, Hanley, Wellington Street, ST1 3PX.

Census Records for John Austin.

1851 Census records
Name Age Occupation Where born
William Austin 38 Labourer Muxton
Mary Austin 40 0 0
Ellen Austin 11 Scholar 0
William Austin 9 Scholar 0
John Austin 7 Scholar 0
Henry Austin 5 Scholar 0
Edward Austin 3 0 0
James Ausin 1 0 0

1861 Census records Dwelling : Ashley
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
George Chambers 32 Head Blacksmith. (employing 1 man). 0
Martha Chambers 30 Wife 0 0
Thomas Chambers 10 0 0 0
Ann Chambers 8 0 0 0
George C Chambers 3 0 0 0
Elizabeth Chambers 1 0 0 0
John Austin 17 Lodger Blacksmith Napley Heath

1871 Census record Dwelling : Shelton
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
Charles Hulme 58 Head 0 0
John Auston 27 Son in law Blacksmith Maply heath
Sarah A Auston 23 Dau 0 Burslem
Mary Auston 2 Grandaur 0 Hanley

Note: spelling of Naply Heath - Mapley !

Also the spelling of Auston .

There is a record to show Mary aged 2 in 1871 dies in 1872.

1881 Census record Dwelling: 6 Trent Street, Stoke on Trent
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
John Austin 36 Head Blacksmith Mucklestone
Sarah Ann Austin 32 Wife 0 Burslam
Sarah Austin 10 Dau Scholar Stoke on Trent
Mary Austin 6 Dau Scholar Stoke on Trent
Ellen Austin 3 Dau 0 Stoke on Trent

Mary in 1881, Ann Mary in 1891 and Ann M in 1901 are the same person.

1891 Census record Dwelling : Mill St, Hanley
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
John Austin 46 Head Blacksmith Napley Heath, Staffs
Sarah Ann Austin 42 Wife 0 0
Ann Mary Austin 15 Dau Earth cutter. Potters paper cutter Hanley
Ellen Austin 13 Dau do do Hanley
Charles W Austin 7 Son Sch Bucknall
Harriet Austin 1 Dau 0 Bucknall

1901 Census records Dwelling 41 Elizabeth Street Hanley
Name Relation Condition Sex Age Birth Year Occupation Where born
Austin Sara A Head Widow F 54 1847 0 Burslem Staffordshire
Austin Ann M Daughter Single F 25 1876 Potter Transferer Hanley Staffordshire
Austin Chas W Son Single M 17 1884 Coal miner loader below surface Bucknall Staffordshire
Austin Harriet Daughter Single F 12 1889 0 Bucknall Staffordshire
Gallimore Emily M Boarder Single F 18 1883 Potter Transferer Hanley Staffordshire

John died in 1898.

Ellen Austin

Ellen Austin

born 1878 in Hanley

died 29th November 1928 in Hanley

married 1899 in Wellington St Luke

Charles Longland

born 1875 in Hanley

Ellen and Charles children

Elsie Longland born 1905 in Hanley.

There appears to be a second girl named Nelly Longland possily born in 1920.

1901 Census records

The 1901 census records have Charles and Ellen Longland living at 76 Elizabeth Street in Hanley, they are both working in a Pot Bank and have no children.

1911 Census record

1911 Census records: Dwelling 90 Elizabeth Street, Hanley
Name Age Relation Occupation Where Born
Charles Longland 32 Head Greengrocer Hanley
Ellen Longland 35 Wife 0 Hanley
Elsie Longland 6 Daughter 0 Hanley
Sarah Anne Austin 65 Widow Grandmother 0 Hanley
Harriet Austin 22 Daughter 0 Hanley

The National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1861-1941:- Longland Ellen of 90 Elizabeth Street Hanley Stoke on Trent. (Wife of Charles Longland) died 29th November 1928 Administration Manchester 3rd April to the said Charles Longland grocer and general dealer. Effects 334 11S.2D.

At the time of Sarah Anne Austin's death in October 1916 Charles address is given on Sarah's death certificate as 41 Elizabeth Street, which is notable only in the fact that from 1901 until 1916 they had lived at three different addresses in the same Elizabeth Street ! noteably numbers (76), (90) and (41) one may wonder why ?

Charles William Austin

harles William Austin

born 1883 in Bucknall married 1906 in Wellington, St Luke's

Mary Ann Shenton

born 1884

1911 Census record

The 1911 Census records have Charles William Austin living at 23 Blakelow Lane, Abbey Hulton, Stoke on Trent. He is aged 28 and living with his wife Mary Ann Austin aged 27 and his daughter Sarah Anne Austin aged 3. Charles occupation is stated as Potters Printer.

Charles and Mary's children

Sarah Ann Austin born 1909 and presumably named after Charles mother Sarah.
Charles W Austin born 1913
Hilda Austin born 1923 and married Fredrick Simpson in Wellington, St Lukes church in 1914. They had a son named Alan Simpson.
Elsie Austin born 1925
Ray Austin born 1930
John Austin born 1920

There are two possible marriages for Sarah on Staffs BMD :- George William Robinson in 1932 and George Leonard Brereton in 1936. A marriage certificate would be needed to provide a definative answer as to whom she married.

The address of St Lukes church is given now as St Lukes Church, Hanley, Wellington Street, ST1 3PX. Hope Holy Trinity and Wellington St Luke are both an ecclesiastical parish of Hanley.

rayaustin johnaustin

Ray and John Austin dates unknown.

It seems by the photo's that both Ray and John served in the second world war but to date I have no further information.

Harriet Austin

Harriet Austin.

born 1890 in Bucknall

died 15th November 1976

married 1916 Civil marriage Stoke on Trent

Alfred Earnest Wightman.


Harriet and Earnest.

Ern was not a keen gardner (joke) !

Alfred was always known by his middle name Earnest or Earn.

Harriet and Alfreds children

Edith Ellen Wightman born Dec 10th 1916. married John Littlehales in 1966 aged 50 ?
Ernest Wightman born Dec 16th 1919, married Ellen Fradley March 29th 1947.
John Austin Wightman born Feb 1923, married Ann Sayer in 1950 they had a son John Wightman.
Kenneth Wightman born 1927 married Dorothy Carr in 1952 and died 1988.

Edith had a son named Paul in 1946 he took his mothers surname Wightman. He lived with Harriet and Ern for most of his younger life.

edithellenwightman johnandann

Edith Ellen Wightman John and Ann Wightman.


Ken and Dorothy.

Kenneth Wightman

Kenneth Wightman

born 1927married in 1952 Bethesda Chapel, Albion St, Hanley

Dorothy Carr

Kenneth was the son of Harriet and Earnest Wightman he was born in 1927 and maried Dorothy Carr in 1952. They had seven children that included two sets of twins.

Kenneth and Dorothy's children.

William A Wightman born 1954
Betty Lyn Wightman born 1955
Stella Wightman born 1960 twins
Steven Wightman born 1960 twins
Carol Wightman born 196?
Kenneth Wightman born 1965 twins
Tracy Wightman born 1965 twins

Earnest Wightman

Ernest Wightman

born 16th December 1919

died July 1st 1965 aged 45

married March 29th 1947

Ellen Fradley

born 11th October 1917

died 5th January 2003 aged 85.


Earnest and Ellen

Ernest and Ellens child

Joan Wightman born November 1st 1948 married Peter Box 1970 Hanley Ridgeway Memorial Methodist Church.

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