James Beech

James Beech.

born 15th December 1902. in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire.

married 15th December 1928 at Wolstanton St Margaret.

Edith Evans.

born 27th December 1907.


James and Edith.



James was the first born child of Thomas Beech and Annie Woodcock. James was born out of wedlock and never realized that his surname was not Beech but Woodcock. Apparently he had never been told this fact and only found out when he was asked to produce a birth certificate when applying for a job. He was not best pleased and we can only imagine how it was all explained to him or what he thought. Later he changed his name to Beech by deed poll. When James married Edith his occupation was a collier. Edith came from May Bank and her father was named Arthur James Evans who was a potter. James got married on his birthday he was 26 years old. When James was born Annie was living at 16 Gallows Tree Lane in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffs.

James birth certificate.

James and Edith had one child.

Douglas Beech born 9th November 1930 in Newcastle under Lyme. Douglas married Helen Kirkham on the 23rd July 1955.

Douglas Beech

Douglas Beech.

born 9th November 1930 in Newcastle u Lyme.

married 23rd July 1955.

Helen Kirkham.


Douglas Helen.

Douglas and Helen's four boys.

Robert Beech born 25th May 1956. Married Catherine Hurst.
Kevin Beech born 8th December 1957. Married Elizabeth Payne.
Ian Beech born 13th April 1964. Married Jane ?
Glyn Beech born 16th June 1967. Married Amanda Woodcock. (divorced) then Kathleen Wilson.


Robert Catherine.

Robert and Catherine have three children.

Claire Beech born 16th August 1976.
Julie Beech born 21st August 1980.
Ross Beech born 22nd March 1982.

Kevin and Liz's two children.

Roseana Beech
Jennifer Beech Married with two children. Jessie May and Bradley.

Ian and Jane's four children.

Jake Beech
Amelia Beech
Letitia Beech Twins.
Sophie Beech Twins.

Glyn and Kathleen's four children.

Christopher James Beech. Born in Stoke on Trent 3rd June 1993 to Glyn's first wife Amanda Woodcock.
Patrick Poly. Born in Haverhill Massachusetts 7th Sep 1993 from Kathleen's first marriage.
Samantha Poly. Born in Newburyport Massachusetts 4th November 1998 from Kathleen's first marriage.
Mathew Peter Beech. Born in Stoke on Trent 23rd June 2000 to Glyn's first wife Ammanda Woodcock.

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