James Austin

James Austin.

born 1851 in Napley Heath.

died 5th June 1924 in Colwyn Bay.

married at St George Church in Tyldesley in 1872.

Elizabeth Higham Lowe.

born 1855 in Worsley, Lancs.

died 1918.

James moved away from his parents in Napley Heath, married Elizabeth Higham Lowe in 1872, and started farming in Astley Lancashire, they had three children and when Elizabeth died in 1918 James retired to Colwyn Bay (with his housekeeper).

See Margaret Austin's account below.

jamesaustin elizabethhighamlowe

Photo of James and Elizabeth Higham Lowe. (date unkown)

James and Elizabeth's three children.

Richard Lowe Austin born 1874 in Astley. Richard married Harriet Green in St Stephens Church in Astley in 1898.
William Austin born 1876 in Astley. William first married Elizabeth Bell. Then Margaret Newton. He had two children by each wife.
Beatrice Ester Austin born 1878 in Astley. Married William Fielding Fetton in Bucklow in 1906 they had no children. Beatrice died in 1950.

richardloweaustin williamaustin beatrice

Richard Lowe Austin, William Austin and Beatrice Ester Austin.

Richard Lowe's children :-

William's children :-

Beatrice :- had no children.

Margaret Austin wrote the following:-

My Grandfather James Austin was born in 1850 at Mucklestone a small village in Staffordshire. We visited the village after doing some research on the Austin family and discovered that my Gt Grandparents William and Mary Dunn were married there in 1836. There were seven brothers and sisters who were quite a loy older than James, they were all born and christened at Mucklestone church. Mary Dunn was a local girl from the village and William was born in Eccleshall Parish near by.

Joseph born 1837, Ellen in 1840, William 1841, John 1843, Henry 1845 and Edward 1848. Annie, born in 1852 was much nearer to Jame's age. He seemed to have been especially fond of her, as it is recorded that he left her an annuity of a hundred pounds a year once he had established himself.

We believe James ran away from home with another boy and obtained employment working at Cleworth Hall Farm at Tyldsley in Lancashire, where he eventually married the boss's daughter Elizabeth Higham Lowe in 1872. He went on to farm at Morley's Hall near Astley, in Lancashire, moving to Manor Farm in Timperley Cheshire and taking over the tenancy in 1897, when my father William was 20.

James obviously farmed well, for in 1907 he retired with Grandma and bought two large semi-detached houses, Sunnybank and Sunnycroft in Sugar Lane, Timperley one for himself and one for his daughter Trixie. He set up his eldest son Richard on a farm at Agden near Lymme in Cheshire, handing over Manor Farm to my Father. My Grandmother died in 1918.

The Census records show the following results.

1881 Census record

Dwelling: Manor House Farm. Census Place Astley Lancashire.
Name Relation M/F Age Occupation Place of Birth
James Austin Head M 30 Farmer of 76 acres employing one man Nephy Heath Staffordshire
Elizabeth Ausin Wife F 26 0 Worsley Lancashire
William Austin Son M 4 0 Astley
Beatrice E Austin Daughter F 3 0 Astley
Lawrence Tansey Boarder M 23 Farm Labourer Ireland

Note: Place of birth states Nephey Heath Staffordshire. My research shows no place named Nephy Heath in Staffordshire. I feel sure it is a mistake by the transcriber and should read Napley Heath.

Richard is living with his grandad on the 1881 Census Record.

1891 Census record

1891 census record Dwelling: Morley's Hall Farm, Astley.
Name Relation M/F Age Occupation Place of Birth
James Austin Head M 40 Farmer Salop, Mucklestone
Elizabeth Ausin Wife F 36 0 Worsley Lancashire
William Austin Son M 14 Scholar Lancashire, Astley
Beatrice E Austin Daughter F 13 Scholar Lancashire
John Cocker Nephew M 7 Scholar 0
John Walsh F Serv M 24 Farm Lab Ireland
Thomas Walsh F Serv M 21 Farm Lab Ireland

Note: Mucklestone is in Staffordshire not Salop.


Morley's Hall Farm Date very close to 1891.

Figures in the picture are from left to right, Beatrice, William, Richard Lowe,and John Cocker. James on the binder, man on right unkown. See 1891 census record above.

1901 Census records

1901 Census record dwelling: Sugar Lane (Mann Farm) Bucklow, Altringham
Name Relation M/F Age Occupation Place of Birth
James Austin Head M 50 Farmer Stafford Mucklestone
Elizabeth Ausin Wife F 46 0 Worsley Lancashire
William Austin Son M 24 Farmers son(Worker) Lancashire,Astley
Beatrice E Austin Daughter F 23 Scholar Lancashire Astley

1911 Census records

1911 Census record. Dwelling: Manor Farm Timperley.
Name Relation M/F Age Occupation Place of Birth
James Austin Head M 61 Farmer Market Drayton, Salop
Elizabeth Ausin Wife F 56 0 Worsley Lancashire
William Austin Son M 34 Farmer Lancashire, Astley


Sugar Lane and Manor Farm (Timperley).

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