Thomas Talbot

Thomas Talbot.

born around 1715.

married 1st June 1735 in Eccleshall.

Catherine Fatherstone.

There is not a lot known about this early pair although the IGI records for Eccleshall show the above wedding.
Catherine's father, we think was named Gabriel and they had at least the one son whom they named after him : Gabriel.

Thomas and Catherine's child.

Gabriel Talbot married Anne Hudson.

Gabriel Talbot

Gabriel Talbot.

born abt 1750.

married 11th May 1772 in St Mary's High Offley.

Anne Hudson.

Gabriel and Anne lived in or around High Offley and the IGI records show twelve children christened in St Mary's church in High Offley with parents named Gabriel and Anne .

Gabriel and Anne's children.

Samuel Talbot Christened 21st February 1773 in St Mary's High Offley.
Elizabeth Talbot Christened 26th August 1774 in St Mary's High Offley.
Anne Talbot Christened 7th January 1777 in St Mary's High Offley
Katherine Talbot Christened 8th November 1778 in St Mary's High Offley
Christian Talbot Christened 30th March 1780 in St Mary's High Offley.
Gabriel Talbot Christened 25th November 1782 in St Mary's High Offley. Died 1807.
Jane Talbot Christened 12th September 1784 in St Mary's High Offley.
Grizzel Talbot Christened 13th January 1787 in St Mary's High Offley.
Mary Talbot Christened 18th July 1788 in St Mary's High Offley.
Mathew Talbot Christened 23rd July 1790 in St Mary's High Offley.Mathew and Margaret look like twins.
Margaret Talbot Christened 23rd July 1790 in St Mary's High Offley. Margaret and Mathew look like twins.
David Talbot Christened 17th November 1791in St Mary's High Offley.


St Mary Church in High Offley.

Gabriel Talbot.

Gabriel Talbot.

Born 1782 in High Offley.

Died 1807.

Married 12th February 1803 in St Mary's High Offley.

Mary Myatt.

Gabriel and Mary lived in High Offley in Staffordshire, High Offley is a small village and civil parish in Staffordshire. It lies 3 miles southwest of Eccleshall and about 1 mile west of Woodseaves village.
Gabriel and Mary had at least four children, the first Martha appears to have been born five years before the marriage in 1803 ?

Gabriel and Mary's children.

Martha Talbot Christened 9th July 1798 in St Mary's High Offley.
Thomas Talbot Christened 15th May 1803 in St Mary's High Offley.
Sarah Talbot Christened 26th August 1804 in St Mary's High Offley
Gabriel Talbot Christened 4th January 1808 in St Mary's High Offley.

Gabriel Talbot.

Gabriel Talbot.

born 1808 in High Offley.

died 4th Jan 1847.

married 15th August 1829 in Keele.

Hannah Dean.

born 1811.

died 1868.

married 1849 Burslem St Paul.

Joseph Hambleton.

born in Keele c1816.

Gabriel was born in High Offley in Staffordshire soon after his father also named Gabriel had died. Gabriel and Hannah were married at Keele in Staffordshire on the 15th August 1829, the two witnesses were Martha Johnson and John Holland Cooper. They had six children and must have moved to Boon Hill near Audley where at least three of the children were born.

After Gabriel's death in 1847 Hannah remarries another coal miner, Joseph Hambleton who was a widower after losing his daughter Rosana in 1842 and then his wife Mary in 1848.

Gabriel and Hannah's children.

Mary Talbot born 1829 in Audley. Died 21st December 1831 in Audley.
John Talbot born 1832 in Boon Hill. Died 25th September 1849.
William Talbot born 1834 in Audley married Catherine Hamlington 1st July 1857.
Elizabeth Talbot born 1836 in Boon Hill.
Sara Talbot born 1838 in Audley married William Axon in St Luke's Church Silverdale in 1869. Died April 17th 1895 aged 58.
Martha Talbot born 1840 in Audley.

Census records.

Details from the 1841 Census records for Gabriel and Hannah .

1841 Census Records, Dwelling : Boon Hill, Staffordshire.
Name Relation Age Occupation
Gabriel Talbot Head 30 Coal Miner
Hannah Talbot 0 30 0
John Talbot 0 9 0
William Talbot 0 7 0
Elizabeth Talbot 0 5 0
Sarah Talbot 0 3 0
Arthur Talbot 0 1 0

Note:- The name Arthur should read Martha .

1851 Census Records for Gabriel and Hannah's daughter Sarah.

The 1851 census records show Sarah Talbot aged 13 living in The Gresley Arms and working as a servant.

Gabriel died in 1847.

1851 Census Records for Hannah and Joseph .

1851 Census Records, Dwelling : High Lane, Cheadle.
Name Relation Age Condition Occupation Birthplace
Joseph M Hambleton Head 38 Married Coal Miner Staffordshire, Keele
Hannah Hambleton Wife 41 Married 0 Staffordshire, Wolstanton
William Talbot Step son 17 Unmarried Coal Miner Staffordshire, Audley
Martha Talbot Wifes Dau 11 Unmarried 0 Staffordshire, Audley
Mathew Hambleton Son 6 Unmarried 0 Staffordshire, Wolstanton

1851 census shows Hannah remarried to Joseph Hambleton.
Mathew Hambleton should be the son of Josephs first wife Mary .

1861 Census Records for William, Gabriel and Hannah's son.

1861 Census records, Dwelling : Alsagers Bank.
Name Relation Age Condition Occupation Birthplace
William Talbot Head 27 Married Coal Miner Audley, Staffordshire
Catherine Talbot Wife 26 Married 0 Audley, Staffordshire
Mary Talbot Dau 4 S 0 Audley, Staffordshire
Sarah Talbot Dau 2 S 0 Audley, Staffordshire

The same 1861 Census records show Martha aged 21 and working as a servant at Brockholes Farm, born in Audley.
Sarah is now living at The Butchers Arms in Audley she is aged 22 and working as an unmarried house servant.

1861 Census records for Hannah and Joseph .

1861 Census records, Dwelling : High Lane, Knutton.
Name Relation Age Condition Occupation Birthplace
Joseph Hambleton Head 48 Married Coal Miner Staffordshire, Wolstanton
Hannah Hambleton Wife 51 Married 0 Staffordshire, Wolstanton
Mathew Hambleton Son 16 Unmarried Coal Miner Staffordshire, Wolstanton
Rosehannah Hambleton Dau 6 Unmarried Scholar Staffordshire, Wolstanton

1871 Census Records for Joseph.

1871 Census records Dwelling : High Lane, Knutton.
Name Relation Age Condition Occupation Birthplace
Joseph Hambleton Head 68 Marr Miner Staffordshire, Keele
William Axon Son in law 24 Marr Miner Shropshire, Cheswardine
Sarah Axon Dau 33 Marr 0 Staffordshire, Audley
George Axon Grand son 8 Unm Scholar Staffordshire, Wolstanton
William Talbot Grand son 4 Unm 0 Staffordshire, Wolstanton
Elizabeth Talbot Grand Dau 1 Unm 0 Staffordshire, Wolstanton

1871 Eaves Lane, Stoke Upon Trent.

Roseanne HAMBLETON recorded born Wolstanton Dom Servant in household of Joseph BALL Farmer. Age partially obscured but looks to me like 16.

Burials at St James

Mary 21st Dec 1831.daughter of Gabrial and Hannah of Alsagers bank aged 19 months.
Daniel Talbot 26th Feb 1844 of Alsagers Bank 1yr
Gabriel Talbot 4th Jan 1847of High lane, aged 38 yrs. ---this is the road leading from Alsagers Bank down to Knutton.
John Talbot 25th Sep 1849 of Alsagers Bank aged 19 rs.
Eunice Talbot ;6th May1857 of Alsagers Bank aged 22 yrs.
Mary Talbot 29th Dec1861 of Audley aged 5yrs.

Baptisms at St James.

John 20th Nov 1831 son of Gabriel and Hannah of Alsagers Bank a labourer.
William. 15th Dec 1833
Bessy 10th January 1836 [of Boon Hill]
Sarah 18h Feb 1838 [Boon Hill]
Martha 5th Mar 1840 [of Boon Hill]
Daniel 19th Mar 1843 [of Alsagers Bank]

Marriage at St James Audley.

1st July1857 William Talbot to Catherine Hamlington.

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