Florence Austin

Florence Lucy Austin

born 7th July 1902 in Audley.


Florence Austin

Florrie was the daughter of Joseph Henry and Lavinia and lived at 13 Booth Street Wereton, Audley. Florrie had a daughter out of wedlock named Ivy. She later met a divorced man named Arthur and moved to Bristol, he treated her extremely well and made her very happy, as up until then Florence had a hard life, but it was short lived as her man friend died a few years later of pneumonia. Florence got on with her life in Bristol and made a new home for herself and had many friends there.

Florence one child.

Ivy Lavinia Austin.

Ivy Lavinia Austin born 28th September 1921 in Audley. Ivy Lavinia Austin married Dennis Collings on 31st August 1946 and lived in Saltburn - By - Sea. They had seven children.

Dennis and Ivy's seven children.

Rodney Derek Collings born 7th June 1947 in New Brotton. Single.
Stuart Neil Collings born 27th October 1948 in New Brotton. Married Maureen Ann Cordell. They have two children Ann Clare and Noel Terence.
Dennis Collings born 1st January 1951 in New Brotton. Married Carol Welch. They have two children Faye and Laura.
Clive William Collings born 13th January 1953 in New Brotton. Married Maureen Fergerson.
Denise Lavinia Collings born 26th May 1955 in New Brotton.
Gillian May Collings born 5th August 1957 in New Brotton.
Christopher Collings born 10th April 1960 in New Brotton.

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