Enock Stubbs

Enock Stubbs.

born 1872 in Audley.

died 1951 in Audley.

married. in 1894 Civil Marriage at Newcastle under Lyme.

Harriet Sproston.

born 1874.

Enock was the son of Samuel Stubbs and Martha Talbot he was born in Queen Street Wereton and lived all his life in Audley. He married Harriet Sproston in 1894 and they had six children. They lived in Dean Hollow in Audley.

Enock and Harriet's children

Minnie Stubbs was born in Audley in 1893 and married Harry Rodgers.
Helen Stubbswas born in Audley in 1894 and married William Nixon.
John Stubbs was born in Audley in 1896 and married Florence Dale on the 3rd February 1919 at St James Audley.
Mary Stubbs was born in Audley in 1898 and died in 1925.
Edith Stubbs was born in Audley in 1901.
Walter Subbs was born in Audley in 1904.

Census Records

1901 Census records: Dean Hollow, Audley.
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
Enock Stubbs 30 Head Coal miner Audley
Harriet Stubbs 27 Wife 0 Audley
Minnie Stubbs 7 Dau 0 Audley
Ellen Stubbs 6 Dau 0 Audley
John Stubbs 4 Son 0 Audley
Mary Stubbs 2 Dau 0 Audley
Edith Stubbs 1m Dau 0 Audley

John Stubbs and Forence Dale

John Stubbs.

born in Audley 16th August 1896.

died 1971 in Audley.

married 3rd February 1919 St James Audley.

Florence Dale.

born 1895.

died 1970.


John Stubbs was the first son of Enoch and Harriet he married Florence Dale in 1919 and they had six children.

Elsie May Stubbs was born 31st December 1919 in Audley and married Joseph Hood in 1947.
Marjorie Florrie Stubbs was born 2nd April 1924 in Audley and married Leslie Parry in 1942.
Mary Rena Stubbs was born 5th March 1926 in Audley and married Cyril Durber in 1947 .
Elaine Anna Stubbs was born 9th October 1928 in Audley. Died in 1932 in Audley
John Raymond Stubbs was born 11th March 1935 in Audley, he married Patricia Hayes in 1959. John died on holiday in Australia in 1999.
Roy Keith Subbs was born in Audley 23rd January 1937 he married Ruth Davies in Leeke in 1959.

Paul Stubbs has more information on this family and can be contacted by email: Paul Stubbs .

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