Ellen Ann Austin

Ellen Austin.

born 1840 Napley Heath.

died 23rd January 1922 Ashley.

married 11th June 1872 St Mary's Mucklestone.

William Taylor.

born 1838 Rookery.

died 10th May 1919 Ashley.


William and Ellen.

date unknown

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Ellen Austin was William and Mary’s fourth child and she was born in Napley Heath and seems to have had a settled marriage to William Taylor, and lived until the age of 78. There were five children, two girls and three boys, the older children may have been by Williams first wife Leticia Bennet , as yet there are no datable records of this marriage.

The 1881 census records show that they are living at Hook Gate near Ashley. William's job is a farm labourer.

Ellen and William's children.

Mary A Taylor born 1868.
Annice Taylor born 1874.
John Taylor born 1876.
James W Taylor born 1878.
Henry A Taylor born in 1880.

Census records

1851 Census records
Name Age Occupation Where born
William Austin 38 Labourer Muxton
Mary Austin 40 0 Muxton
Ellen Austin 11 Scholar Muxton
William Austin 9 Scholar Muxton
John Austin 7 Scholar Muxton
Henry Austin 5 Scholar 0
Edward Austin 3 0 Muxton
James Austin 1 0 Muxton

1861 Census records.

The 1861 census records have Ellen single aged 21, living at the Griffin Arms Hotel in Norton in Hales and working as a dairy maid. The head was described as a farmer and publican.

1871 Census records.

The 1871 census records have Ellen  aged 30, living with the Higgingbottom family at Yew Tree farm in Withington, Lancashire. She is decribed as a General Domestic servant.

1881 Census records.

1881 Census records Dwelling: Hook Gate
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
William Taylor 45 Head Farm Labourer Eccleshall
Ellen Taylor 41 Wife 0 Mucclestone
Mary A Taylor 13 Daur 0 Mucclestone
Annice Taylor 7 Daur Scholar Mucclestone
John Taylor 5 Son Scholar Mucclestone
James W Taylor 3 Son 0 Mucclestone
Henry A Taylor 1 Son 0 Mucclestone

1891 Census records

1891 Census records Dwelling: Ashley Heath
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
William Taylor 52 Head Ag lab NK
Ellen Taylor 51 Wife 0 Mucklestone
James Taylor 13 Son Scholar Mucklestone
Henry Taylor 11 Son Scholar Mucklestone
JosephTaylor 6 G son 0 Mucklestone

1901 Census records

1901 Census records Dwelling: Boons Bank, Ashley.
Name Age Relationship Occupation Place of birth
William Taylor 63 Head Ag lab NK
Ellen Taylor 61 Wife 0 Mucclestone
James Taylor 23 Son Gardners lab Mucclestone
Henry Taylor 21 Son Stockman on farm Mucclestone
Enoch Lowe 53 Visitor Gardener Ashley
Fanny Lowe 48 Visitor 0 Newcstle u Lyne
Lanetta (?) Lowe 15 Visitor Newcstle u Lyne 0
Albert Burd 10 Visitor 0 Ashley

1911 Census records

1911 Census records Dwelling: Mount Plesent, Ashley, Mkt Drayton.
Name Age Relationship Status Years Married Children Born Children Alive Children died Occupation Place of birth
William Taylor 75 Head Married 39 4 4 0 Farm labourer Eccleshall
Ellen Taylor 71 Wife Married 39 4 4 0 0 Mucclestone
Henry Taylor 31 Son Single 0 0 0 0 Stockman on farm Mucclestone

The 1911 Census records show that 4 children were born and none had died, but looking at the 1881 Census this shows 5 children.

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Anne Austin

Anne Austin.

born 1853 Napley Heath.

married 1885.

Richard Malkin.

Anne Austin was Mary and William eighth child and appears in the 1881 census records living with her mother in Napley Heath, she is 28 years old, unmarried and her occupation is stated as a dressmaker, the same as her mother Mary. Also lodging at the same address is Richard Malkin who was a farm labourer they later got married in 1885. Lottie Lee has memories of visiting the house in later years and remembers Anne as a very strict lady and unpleasant.

Census records 1881, 1891 1901

1881 Census records Dwelling: Napley Heath
Name Age Relation Occupation Where born
Mary Austin 69 Head Dressmaker Pipe Gate
Anne Austin 28 Daur Dressmaker Napley Heath
Hanry Austin 15 Grandson Farm Labourer Norton in Hales
Richard Malkin 23 Lodger Farm Labourer Norton in Hales

1891 Census records Dwelling: Napley Heath
Name Age Relation Occupation Where born
Mary Austin 79 Head Dressmaker Pipe Gate
Anne Malkin 38 Dau Dressmaker Napley Heath
Richard Malkin 33 Son in law Ag lab Bellaport Salop

1901 Census records Dwelling: Norton Rd, Mucklestone
NameAgeRelationOccupation Where born
Richard Malkin 43 Head Waggoner Norton in Hales
Anne Malkin 48 Wlfe 0 Mucklestone

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