Edward Austin

Edward Austin.

born 1848 in Napley Heath.

died 1900 in Ince in Makerfield.

married 1873 in Manchester Cathedral.

Alice Caldwell.

born 1854 in Ince in Makerfield.

died 1892 in Ince in Makerfield.

Edward was born in Napley Heath in Staffordshire on the border of Shropshire, he was the fifth child of William and Mary . By 1873 Edward had left Staffordshire and  met and Married Alice Caldwell , the name Colwell is also used on the Lancs BDM. He was married in Manchester but by 1881 he was living in Ince in Makerfield with his wife and family.

1851 Census record

1851 Census records
Name Age Occupation Where Born
William Austin 38 Labourer Muxton
Mary Austin 40 0 Muxton
Ellen Austin 11 Scholar Muxton
William Austin 9 Scholar Muxton
John Austin 7 Scholar Muxton
Henry Austin 5 Scholar Muxton
Edward Austin 3 0 Muxton
James Austin 1 0 Muxton

1861 Census Records

1861 Census records Dwelling : Bye road
Name Age Occupation Where born
William Austin 48 Sone mason Croxton
Mary Austin 49 Dress Maker Pipe Gate
Edward Austin 13 Scholar Mucklestone
James Austin 11 Scholar Mucklestone
Ann Austin 9 Scholar Mucklestone

1871 Census record

Bellaport Rd, Bearstone, Shropshire:
Edward Austin, servant, U, 23, farm serv indoors, b Mucklestone.He is living in the house of Ann Tilsley, a 63 yr old widow, farmer.

1881 Census record

1881Census records: Dwelling 193 Belle Green Lane, Ince in Makerfield.
Name Relationship Age Occupation Place of birth
Edward Austin Head 54 Agricultural Labourer Reapley Heath, Staffordshire
Alice Austin Wife 27 0 Ince, Lancashire
William Austin Son 6 Scholar Ince, Lancashire
Elizabeth Austin Daur 2 0 Ince,Lancashire
Thomas Austin Son 1m 0 Ince, Lancashire
Mary Morton Ser 14 General Dom Serv Ince, Lancashire

Note:- Unfortunately there seems to be two mistakes on the above census return, the first is Edward's age and the second is the place of birth.
Both seem close enough to be errors in transcribing, 54 could be 34 and Reapley Heath could well be Napley Heath.

1891 Census Records

1891 Census records Dwelling : 7 Pretticoat Lane, Hindley
Name Relationship Age Occupation Place of birth
Edward Austin Head 43 Ag Lab NK,Staffordshire
Alice Austin Wife 37 0 Ince in Makerfield
William Austin Son 16 0 Ince in Makerfield
Elizabeth C Austin Dau 12 0 Ince in Makerfield
Annie C Austin Dau 8 0 Ince in Makerfield
Thomas C Austin Son 6 0 Ince in Makerfield
Mary C Austin Dau 2 0 Ince in Makerfield

Note:-Again this Census record gives no conclusive proof that this Edward was born in Napley Heath. The place of birth just states NK, which I presume may mean Not Known. The C in the above names is Caldwell, Alice's maiden name !

Edward and Alice's children.

William Austin . born 1875 in Ince in Makerfied. Married Sarah Halliwell who was a widow at St Mark in Newtown in 1901.
Elizabeth Caldwell Austin. born in 1877 and died the same year. In Ince in Makerfield
Elizabeth Caldwell Austin. born 1879. In Ince in Makerfield. Married Joseph Hitchen in Christ Church Ince in 1897.
Thomas Caldwell Austin. born 12 March 1881. Baptised 28 March 1881 at Wigan All Saints. and died in 1882. In Ince in Makerfield.
Annie C Austin born 1883. In Ince in Makerfield.
Thomas Caldwell Austin. born Oct 1884. In Ince in Makerfield. Married Elizabeth Frazer in 1905 at Christ Church Ince.
Mary C Austin. born 1879. In Ince in Makerfield.

Note :- from the records it seems that twice Edward and Alice had children that died young and in both cases they gave the names of these children to the next born child !!

Some census records for Edward and Alice's children.

1901 census has William living as a boarder at 15 Mason Street in Wigan. He is aged 26 single and working as a Collier above ground.

1901 census has Annie living with her uncle William and family (see William Austin) in Bolton.

1901 census has Mary living as a boarder at 146 Manchester Road (Public House) Ince in Makerfield. She is aged 13 and working as a domestic.

Elizabeth Caldwell Austin.

Elizabeth Caldwell Austin.

born 1879 in Makerfield,Lancashire.


Married in 1897 at Christ Church Ince.

Joseph Hitchen.

born 1877 in Over, Cheshire.


Joseph and Elizabeth Austin 1901 Census record.

1901 Census records Dwelling : 14 George Street, Ince in Makerfield
Name Relation Age Occupation Place of Birth
Joseph Hitchen Head 24 Night Soil Carter Cheshire
Elizabeth Hitchen Wife 23 0 Lancs Ince
Annie Hitchen Daughter 3 mnth 0 Lancs Ince
Thomas C Austin Brother in Law 16 Brewers Carter Lancs Ince
James G Austin Brother in Law 9 0 Lancs Ince

Nice to see Joseph had a good job !!!

Thomas and James seem to have been taken in by his sister Elizabeth and her husband Joseph.

James seems to have been born around the time of his mothers death 1892 ( maybe Alice died in childbirth).

Joseph and Elizabeth Hitchen 1911 Census record.

1911 Census records Dwelling : No 3 Brown St Hindley, Lancashire
Name Relation Age Occupation Place of Birth
Joseph Hitchen Head 34 Carter on a farm. Cheshire, Over
Elizabeth L Hitchen Wife 33 0 Lancs Ince
John Hitchen Son 8 0 Lancs Ince
Elizabeth A Hitchen Daughter 5 0 Lancs Ince
Annie Hitchen Daughter 2 0 Lancs Ince
Fred Hitchen Son 8 month 0 Lancs Ince
James Z Austin Boarder, Brother in Law 19 Carter on a farm. Lancs Ince

From the original 1911 census record we can see that Elizabeth has had six children and two have died. Joseph has also changed his address and his job. Hindley is close to Ince in Makerfield, so they have not moved far. We can also see James Z Austin is boarding at this address, James Z Austin is Elizabeths brother. I am unsure what capital letter should be used for his middle name a Z or a C.

Thomas Caldwell Austin.

Thomas Caldwell Austin.

born 31 October 1884 in Ince in Makerfield, Lancashire.

baptised 23 November 1884 Wigan All Saints.

died May 1937 buried at Lower Ince Cemetry.

married in July 1905 at Christ Church Ince.

Elizabeth Frazer.

born 1885 in Ashton, Makerfield, Lancashire.


Thomas Austin and Elizabeth Frazer 1911 Census record.

1911 Census records Dwelling : Higher Ince, Near Wigan
Name Relation Age Occupation Place of Birth
Thomas Austin Head 26 Carter for a brewery. Ince in Makerfield, Lancs
Elizabeth Austin Wife 26 0 Ashton, Makerfield,Lancs
Thomas Austin Son 3 0 Wigan,Lancs
Maggie Austin Daughter 3 0 Wigan,Lancs
Edward Austin Son 1 0 Ince in Makerfield, Lancs

William Austin.

William Austin.

born 1875 in Ince in Makerfield, Lancashire.


Married in 1901 at St Mark in Newtown.

Sarah Halliwell.

born 1870 in Wigan, Lancashire.


William Austin and Sarah Halliwell 1911 Census record.

1911 Census records Dwelling : 36 Enfield St, Pemberton.
Name Relation Age Occupation Place of Birth
William Austin Head 36 Stoker at a Cotton Spinning Mill Ince, Lancashire
Sarah Austin Wife 41 0 Wigan,Lancashire
Elizabeth Alice Halliwell Step Daughter 19 Spinner Wigan,Lancashire
Lavinia Halliwell Step Daughter 17 Reeler Wigan,Lancashire
Thomas Halliwell Step Son 14 Pit Boy Assistant Shot Lighter below Ground Wigan,Lancashire
Edward Austin Son 9 School Pemberton, Lancashire
Margaret Austin Dau 7 School Pemberton, Lancashire
Annie Austin Dau 4 0 Pemberton, Lancashire
Elsie Austin Dau 1 0 Pemberton, Lancashire

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