Clara Dale

Clara Dale.

born 5th November 1895 in Longton.

died in Goldenhill early 60's.

married 1917 in Longton, St John the Baptist

Levi Caton.

born 6th March 1893 in Goldenhill.

died 16th September 1955 in Goldenhill.


Clara Dale

Clara was the tenth child of Henry and Mary, and was the seventh girl. She married Levi Caton in Longton and then lived most of her life at 67 Brakespeare Street in Goldenhill. They had four children, three girls and one boy. Unfortunately Edna May the oldest daughter died aged seven.

When Edna May died Clara took this very badly and was found by a man wandering around some fields near by confused and lost, the man took her home. She also sat staring at the coal fire and burned her leg the burn healed eventually but the scarring remained. She eventualy pulled herself together even though she must have been heartbroken. Clara was also considered as a fortune teller, and neighbours would come to have their tea leaves or cards read by her, she was regarded as very good at this. Clara was also very prudent with money and saved hard to buy a real fur coat, when she wore the coat she would get admiring glances and folk would wonder how she could afford such a luxury.

Clara and Levi's five children.

Edna May Caton born in Goldenhill 9th February 1920 died 3rd November 1927.
Ada Caton. born 5th December 1923 in Goldenhill. Died in 1986 .
Levi Caton born in Goldenhill September 1925 and died December 1925.
Mavis Caton born 1931 in Goldenhill.
Derek Caton born 1939 in Goldenhill.

ednamayada mavis derek

Photo's of Clara and Levi's four Children.

Edna May.Ada.Mavis.Derek.

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